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Rensselaer Commercial Properties:

After several years of having an all Flash website, Rensselaer Commercial Properties of NJ consulted Northern Pride to determine why they were struggling with obtaining visitors to their site. The all Flash web design prevented Google and Yahoo from seeing any pages of their website. In other words the site was a ghost to search engines. The solution was a simple one, abandon the total Flash format, re-design the site this time with a concentration on being XHTML compliant with the proper use of flash were needed, making the website available to a much larger number of browsers, and with far less code enabling higher search engine rankings.

Today, Rensselaer is back on the charts enjoying a fresh new look from their new logo to their website design. Google and Yahoo can now easily read and spider through their entire website. Gone are the days were visitors to the site with browser security settings set to high, would see nothing but a blank page, not even a navigation bar.

At Northern Pride we strive to make our clients fully aware of the pros and cons of different design features, allowing them to make the proper decisions in order to meet their objectives. Educating our client base and balancing them with the appropriate tools to make their online presence a success is what we do best.

Managing commercial property space in New Jersey over the internet requires the ability to daily update property availability, details and news. With our North Star Content Manager, Rensselaer is now in control of their site content. Our content manager makes it easy to administrate NJ real estate property listings, and is the perfect tool for real estate agencies, realtors and property management companies.

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