In today's world, it is essential that every business have a backup strategy plan to protect their websites and online data.

No matter how large or small your business is, data backup needs to be a vital part of your online recovery strategy. All our clients hosting on our Dedicated Servers take comfort in knowing that their websites are continuously backed up to a remote server and can be recovered up to 3 days. While this provides a very basic level of protection for an immediate catastrophe; it will be of no good, should the damage to your site not be recognized within the first few days. This is why every business should have a routine server backup package.

Backups Are Critical

When something goes wrong with your website, having periodic server backups will save the day and allow you to quickly recover the data and get back up and running. Should your website become hacked with malicious content, or should the website break due to a plugin conflict or maybe you accidentally deleted important web content; no need to worry, all the damage can be easily corrected by restoring from the data saved in your backup files. With one of our scheduled backup plans, you will have the option of restoring from the backup file that will work best for your business. 

Off-Server Remote Backups

While server backups are critical, they are still vulnerable to potential online exploits. This is why we also provide offsite server backups with all our backup protection plans, to insure your files remain safe from hackers and possible server hardware failures. For the best protection, your data should be stored offsite and not on the same server as your website. With off-server backups, should your website experience a malicious attack, and the server backups become infected or deleted, you will be able to recover your website from the off-server backups.

Enjoy Worry Free Remote Backup Protection
Backups are more than just a good idea - they’re a business requirement. Data loss and unplanned downtime affect businesses of all sizes every day. The only way to ensure your business is protected is with a comprehensive backup solution you can rely on in the case of disaster.

Clients of Northern Pride can choose to purchase a Backup Protection Plan as an add-on to any of our Managed Hosting Plans