When it comes to automatically updating your Facebook Fan page wall, HootSuite is a nice option. Our preferred choice is the Facebook Application NetworkedBlogs because it can upload an image from your post as well. The biggest disadvantage with NetworkedBlogs is the free version with less than 12 NetworkedBlogs followers could take 6 to 12 hours to be pulled. With HootSuite you can schedule your updates for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Facebook pages, every 24 hrs, 12 hrs, 6 hrs, 3hrs, 2 hrs and even hourly. There is no download with HootSuite, yas long as you have internet access you can can update it anywhere.

This guide will walk you through the steps to create a HootSuite account and configure it to automatically update your Facebook Fan Pages. All you need is a website with an RSS feed, a Facebook Fan Page and a HootSuite Account.

First: Sign Up For Your Free HootSuite Account

1.  Visit www.hootsuite.com and click on the “Sign Up Now” button to create your HootSuite account.

2.   Select the Basic Free Sign Up Now option (Pro version is also available).

3. Complete the Sign Up form with your email address, full name, password, select your time zone, if you do not want to receive the HootSuite Newsletters unselect, and click “Create Account” button. A welcome email will be sent to you.

Now that you have successfully signed up with HootSuite, lets configure HootSuite to automatically update to your Facebook Fan page wall with any new posts from your RSS feed.

Second Step: Add Your Facebook Fan Page to HootSuite

1.  Login into HootSuite and click on the Add A Social Network link on the main screen.
(Alternatively, you could click on the HootSuite owl icon in the upper left corner to display the drop down navigation menu, then select Settings>Social Networks. Click on the Add Social Network link in the popup window.)

2.  Select “Facebook Page” and click on the “Connect with Facebook” button.

3.  If you are not already logged into Facebook, you will be prompted to Login to your Facebook account. Go ahead and login. Once you are logged in a Facebook Request For Permission screen will appear. Click Allow to allow HootSuite to connect.

4.  A list of your Facebook Fan pages will be displayed, select the FB Fan page you want HootSuite to automatically update, and click the “Add to HootSuite” button.

5.  A Fan us on Facebook window will appear, click the X in the upper right corner to close the pop up window. You have completed the connection to your FB Fan page.

Last Step: Add Your Blog RSS Feed to HootSuite

1.  From the HootSuite Settings window select the link RSS/Atom and click on the Add New Feed button

2.  Complete the screen, by entering the url of your Blog RSS feed (if you are using Feedbuner use that url). Select how often you would like the feed to be checked, how many posts to send up at a time, if you also want text to be uploaded, a prefix for the post such as Blog Post: and the preferred url shortener styles. Most importantly select which FaceBook Profile/Fan Page you wish to upload to by clicking on the profile icon or selecting all if desired. You will see a green check mark over the Facebook fan page selected. Click Save Feed.

3. Your RSS Feed will now appear in the Settings window and is ready to be checked for new entries. HootSuite will now update your Facebook Fan Page automatically.

Hope this guide helps you to spend more time blogging and less time updating.