If you are a web developer and like to manage all of your clients Google Analytic accounts in one place, you will soon find out that Google limits the number of managed accounts to 25. Do not worry, follow these 5 simple steps and you can add as many accounts as you need.

  1. Log out of Google Analytics
  2. Create a new Gmail account
  3. Log in to Google Analytics using the new Gmail account
  4. Add the new domain you wish to track and when complete, click on the User Manager link and click Add User, enter your primary email address, the one which recently hit the limit of 25 accounts and select Acct Admin Access Type and Save.
  5. Log out of this account

That’s It! Next time you log in to your main Google Analytics account you will see the additional domains being tracked. Keep in mind you can create an additional 25 accounts using a single email address. If you need to add more accounts, you can do so with a different email account, following the same steps above.

Not sure why Google has a limit of 25 accounts in the first place? Hopefully Google will soon recognize the inconvenience this places on design firms and drop the limit, or if need be at, least up the limit to say 500 accounts per email address.